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Nov 5, 2010

niuest post

Posted by paih

facebook , do you know what facebook is ?

Facebook is a place of war , you can have any type of war at facebook with your friend or a total stranger.

To start a war , simply go to any wall and start spammin' em like the day will end in 15mins.

Post crap on their wall , LIKE all their posts and comments made by them or their friends. The purpose is to simply freeze their computer with the notifications IF their computers can't handle me right now!!! watching you watching me i'll go all out the club can't even handle me rite now ... eh eh eh ...

silap plak , tu lirik lagu la mangkok ... ok2 their computers can't handle the notifications till it go to a state a freezing state and then kebabom komputer meletop

mwahahahahha padan muka ..
so that is how i exploit Facebook to its max


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